Though I played around with making knives since high school, I really began making in earnest in 1992. I obtained some instruction on basic forging techniques from a local blacksmith. I started with a coal forge and have moved to a propane tube type forge. I have taken classes from such distinguished makers as; Tai Goo, Wayne Goddard and J. D. Smith. I enjoy making Damascus steel. I like to try new patterns and see how they turn out. Etching the pattern for the first time is exciting. It brings life to the steel canvas. I normally forge all of my blades, taking them to about 80-90% of the finished shape with the hammer. Due to loss of employment in 2002 I am now a full time maker.
Tools that I use include; 100lb Beaudry power hammer, a 50 ton 4-post press that I modified for forging, Milling machine for slotting guards, Brown and Sharp surface grinder, 9 inch reversible disc grinder, a shop made 2×72″ Belt, and a lot of files and sand paper. I make my own fixtures for many of the operations that require repeatability like dovetails and all my forging dies. I currently do all the work on my knives from steel selection to heat treating to finishing. With the addition of the ultralight knife line I now have them waterjet cut to keep costs at a minimum.


Warranty Info


As most makers I warranty all my knives against defects due to workmanship, i.e. epoxy breaking free, bad welds in Damascus and the like. I can not cover abuse or natural materials that are beyond my control. Things like handle material checking is a natural occurrence. I will however repair or replace the handle at material cost, labor will be free. This warranty is for as long as I am making knives. That will be for at least another 20 years or so….

I completed testing for Journeyman Smith status in the American Bladesmith Society and was awarded my JS stamp June 4th 2004.

This is my passion. I have spent many years doing all that I can to improve my craft and will continue long into the future. I hope you have found my site interesting and feel free to contact me about any of the items you see or questions you may have.


Thank you for stopping by,

Chuck Richards