Just spent the week teaching my new friend Bernard the principles of basic Damascus. We discussed basic patterning, Billet construction, Forging, Finishing and Heat treating. Even finished up a couple of really nice blades. A small utility with a simple twist and a really sweet Bowie in an outstanding Ladder pattern. We did cover some other basic knifemaking skills. Knife assembly and construction etc. It was a lot of fun and hard work. Bernard gained some more appreciation for forging and the use of power equipment. Forging Damascus steel by hand is not easy my any means.



The billet in the video Bernard started hand forging just to gain an appreciation of the difficulty. I took pity upon him and did a couple folds with my hammer, also showed him open welding using flux. We did the larger billet for the finished knives via the old Dry welding method. After his experience trying to hand forge a 5 layer billet, he is on his way home to order a Press. 😉


Bernard on the surface grinder working on his guard.