A little back story to this knife. Many years ago, in 1988 or 89, I had made some knives while stationed on Adak Alaska. A good friend of mine and I were out hunting and I had one of these knives. He commented he had been wanting to get a knife just like that. He really loved that knife. It made me want to make knives even more. Someone appreciated what I had done. We transferred and as often happens lost contact. Fast forward to recent past. I signed up for a forum called “Together We Served”, A website for former service members. I was able to track down this long lost friend of mine. We had both retired from the Navy. Many things had changed on both of our lives. But one thing still rang true to both of us. We loved the outdoors and loved to hunt. He told me he was going on a moose hunt with his wife’s family in BC. I decided I would do what I should have done many years ago and give him a knife. I sent this knife to him. He was thrilled and took it hunting with him. Well everyone was complaining about having to stop and re-sharpen their knives every few minutes. So he pulled this one out. The three of them proceeded to field dress and butcher 3 moose. This knife never needed to be re-sharpened. Just a testament to the Edge Retention of Damascus steel.


5.5″ 5160 and 15N20 W pattern Damascus, 416 stainless guard, white fiber spacers, Stabilized Koa handle. Thank you for reading the short story.