As close to a production knife as I will get. These are Waterjet cut from O-1 tool steel. Made to be Ultra Light for those who need a full size knife but not the weight. The blades are 4.5″ long with a skeletonized Handle. The blank on top gives an idea of how much material has been removed. They are heat treated in a high temp salt pot for precise control to an RC of 60-62. I use 7 feet 550 para cord to wrap the handles giving a full feel in the hand. Overall length is 9.5″. They come in 2 thicknesses at the moment. .187 that weighs 4.4oz with the cord and .125 that weighs 3.4oz.


Asking price with simple leather sheath shown $125 Delivered in the US. Outside the US actual shipping will apply.

3 thoughts on “Ultra Light Hunter, Backpacker special.

  1. I’ve seen these in person. Nice knives. Handles well. The protruding curve on the belly makes for a very efficient slicer/skinner.

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